We All Make Mistakes, But You Shouldn’t Make These

Posted onAugust 20th, 2014 byFrank

When people experience windshield or window damage, they are presented with some options: bring your vehicle in to have the crack or chip repaired, fix the damage yourself, or simply ignore it and continue on with your day. More often than not, drivers make the wrong decision as to how to handle this situation. Here are the three most common mistakes people make when they get a chip or crack in their auto glass:

1. Using an at-home kit. DIY is all the rage these days, and while making your own photo frame may be fun and relatively simple, fixing your own auto glass is a completely different task. Someone who is unfamiliar with the materials used and the process of repairing auto glass damage may actually make it worse.

2. Following a video guide. To respond to the previous statement, you may say: “I can find a step-by-step video guide online to help me repair the chip – there is a YouTube video for everything!” This may be true, but you must consider who created and posted the video, and that person/company’s credibility. If it is a random person doing the work in their garage, who knows how much he or she knows about auto glass; on the other hand, a professional who has done the work many times may make it look easier than it truly is.

3. Ignoring the problem. This is even worse than attempting the repair on your own, as continuing to drive with a crack or chip in your auto glass could make it spread. Once it spreads, the damage may be beyond repair and require a full replacement, costing you more money. Not to mention the danger of driving with your vision obstructed by a large chip or crack in the windshield.

Avoid making these mistakes by bringing your vehicle into a trusted auto glass specialist like Frank’s Auto Glass. We have the know-how to get the work done quickly and effectively. Call us today at 773-488-7700.