5 Reasons to Pull Over

Posted onSeptember 17th, 2014 byFrank

There can be a variety of distractions while you’re driving, some of which are easier to handle and others are not. Even the best driver can make a mistake once in a while, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If the following occur, pull over before putting yourself and others on the road in jeopardy.

You need to grab something out of your reach. Whether it’s your lipstick or phone, chances are it can wait until you get to your destination (remember, using your cell phone while driving is illegal in Illinois). You may think looking away for just a few seconds to grab something won’t be a big deal, however it will likely require you to take your eyes off the road. If it is something extremely important, pull over before picking it up.

Distractions are occurring inside the vehicle. Whether your kids are having an argument in the back or your dog had an accident, your attention is taken away from the important task at hand: reaching your destination safely. Pull over to get the situation under control before continuing on your journey. You may be in a hurry, but arriving somewhere late is better than getting into an accident.

You are having a medical emergency. All too often we hear of people suffering a stroke, heart attack or some other emergency and trying to complete the drive home before calling for help. DO NOT do this! It is not only an extreme danger to yourself but to also to everyone else sharing the road with you. Even something in your eye or a migraine can inhibit your ability to drive properly. If you cannot focus on driving because of something happening with your body, then you need to pull over.

There are danger signs. A loud sound, a strange smell or poor visibility – all cause to pull over. Any conditions different than what is normal may be a sign of a problem. If there is bad weather, pull over and wait for it to settle; if there is something wrong with your car, call for roadside assistance.

A police car is flashing its lights. Bummer. Better to pull over and take the ticket, than to get into worse trouble but not pulling over!