Winter Windows Need to Work

Posted onSeptember 30th, 2014 byFrank

Today we are starting to feel the oncoming fall and winter chill. While during the summer we had the windows down, enjoying the breeze through our hair, now is the time where our windows need to be up and stay up!

You Need Your Power or Manual Windows to Work

Whether you are at a drive-thru or an ATM, you want to be able to roll your windows (regardless of if they are power or manual) down and back up – quickly – with ease. Over time with a lot of use, the motor and regulator will begin to wear, or the windows will become out of alignment, causing problems with its functionality. That’s why if you are seeing signs of trouble with one or more windows, now is the time for a repair.  The last thing you want is to be stuck driving on a freezing day with a rolled-down window.

We Can Help Keep Your Car Safe and Comfortable

When your windows stop working, it compromises the comfort and safety of your vehicle. Not only will you be extremely cold while driving, but you also leave all the belongings inside open for potential thieves when parked on the street or in a lot. Frank’s Auto Glass has new and used regulators in stock for most makes and models, as well as technicians with the capability to repair a malfunctioning window. Plus, our customers get a 1-year workmanship warranty on power or manual window repair or replacement!

Don’t wait for the cold winter to hit before having your window repaired – contact us today to schedule a repair, or bring your vehicle down to our shop!