The Worst Times Your Power Windows Can Fail

Posted onMay 14th, 2015 byFrank

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the convenience of being able to use our power windows until the system fails! Imagine the perfect day for weather in Chicago, but you can’t enjoy the fresh air while driving since you’re in need of a power window repair. At Frank’s Auto Glass, we specialize in power window repair so that you don’t find yourself in the following situations:

Drive Through: You have just ordered a combo meal at your favorite drive through but realize you should have parked and gone inside to pay. Oops!

Toll Plaza: For those drivers without an IPASS who utilize the cash tolls, it’s rather annoying when your window isn’t rolling down and you must now open your door to toss your coins in.

Pulled Over: Getting pulled over and potentially receiving a traffic ticket is bad enough without having to explain to the officer that you can’t roll down your window!

Rain: We have all seen some clever contraptions for sealing up our windows including tape and cardboard to keep rain out.

Winter: Keep Chicago’s freezing winters full of slush, sleet, and snow out!
Sad Pooch: It’s a sad day for the dog that loves to stick his face out of the window while on a car ride.

Anti-Theft: A note on the windshield asking passersby not to steal your belongings may not be enough to give you peace of mind.

Not only do windows allow the driver to have increased visibility and access to fresh air, but they also offer a layer of safety and protection while driving or not. If you are in need of a power window repair, call Frank’s Auto Glass today (733) 488-7700.