How to Get Adhesives Off Your Windshield

Posted onMay 28th, 2015 byFrank

From time to time, we decorate our cars with stickers for fun, parking, or other. Unfortunately these adhesives are tough to get off and can leave sticky residue behind. Let’s say that last summer you put your Chicago city sticker on your windshield, but now it’s time to replace it with the new. What’s the best way to get the old sticker off?

Goo Be Gone!

Did you know that most adhesives are oil-soluble? Oil based products are great for tape removal and make removing a sticky substance that much easier.

Things You’ll Need

Check your kitchen cabinet for olive oil, vegetable oil, corn oil. You’ll also need a razor blade for stubborn areas, paper towels, and your choice of window cleaner.

Step By Step

1. By hand, peel off the sticker as best you can.
2. Clean your windshield so that only troublesome areas are visible.
3. Saturate the tape or sticker residue with by blotting the surface with oil.
4. Let oil sit on the surface for a few minutes in order for it to seep through the layers.
5. Gently use the edge of a razor blade to get under the edges of the adhesive.
6. If needed, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to loosen the adhesive even more.
7. Now that the adhesive is removed. Wipe access oil off the glass surface.
8. Rewash surface with glass cleaner and you are done!