Safety When Riding in the Front Seat

Posted onJuly 23rd, 2015 byFrank

Don’t be bitter about the fact that your older siblings monopolized riding in the front seat. Eventually you made it up there! Your parents were following the rules and considering your safety. Here’s a breakdown of what front seat safety really means:

Child Safety Seats

When properly installed and used, child safety seats reduce the risk of death by 70% for infants and 55% for toddlers. When children outgrow their infant seats or child safety seats, parents should introduce booster seats when necessary. Booster seats can be used in combination with lap belts and shoulder belts. Lap and shoulder belts must fit properly before considering front seat riding.

Cars With Air Bags

While air bags are meant to protect the passengers in the front seat, they can also cause serious injury when used improperly. Riders of the front seat must meet the minimum height and weight restrictions. Some vehicles do not have air bags installed. A vehicle may also come with a setting to shut off the air bag. Consult your owner’s manual for more details concerning your individual car’s air bag restrictions.

Follow The Law

State law is very clear. If you are not old enough, that means you are not old enough. It’s best to respect the law, keep yourself and others safe while riding in the car, and avoid penalties such as tickets and fines. State law also requires height and weight limitations in addition to age. Follow these guidelines to protect the lives of everyone who rides in the vehicle.