Mobile Auto Glass Repair And Replacement

Posted onJanuary 5th, 2016 byFrank

Mobile auto glass repair and replacement is a service that many auto glass companies offer, it entails the company sending a technician and the replacement glass to the customer’s home or office rather than the other way around. Upon arrival, the technician can assess the damage and either replace the glass completely or repair the damage if it is little more than a small crack or chip. Regardless of what has to be done, it can be done on the same day and in a location that suits the customer.

When the windshield on a vehicle is cracked, the chances of the vehicle getting involved in an accident is greatly increased. Although it may appear as noting of consequence, the entire windshield could collapse without any warning. Insurance companies often include mobile service as part of the insurance terms knowing that the policy holders will have less of a tendency to drive to the repair shop.

There is no problem in claiming for mobile auto glass replacement, all the policy holder has to do is get in touch with the company or the agent and let them know the windshield has been damaged, there is no need in most cases to complete any paperwork at all. Once you have been in contact with your insurance company, you are free to call any mobile auto glass specialist and arrange for the work to be done.

Of course, the specialist you contact will need complete details on your car including make, model and year. Most repair shops stock a wide variety of replacement windshields; these can usually be installed within the day. If the windshield is not in stock it may take a day or two to get one, you are free to wait or you might want to try other companies offering the same service.

Upon arrival, the technician will remove the outer trim from around the broken windshield, once a suction cup device is fitted, the technician can easily lift the damaged windshield completely out of the frame. The process is reversed to install the replacement; once the work is done the car can be driven immediately. It is surprising to many people just how quickly the whole thing is done, 15 to 20 minutes is all that is needed.

If the windshield is not broken, it can be repaired. The technician will clean the area and inject a resin material into the crack or chip. The resin will be cured under a blue light, once this is done the area will be polished and the damage will literally disappear. Not every chip or crack can be repaired, the technician will know from experience the best approach to take.