What To Do When Your Windshield Cracks

Posted onFebruary 25th, 2016 byFrank

Whether your vehicle was parked under a tree or you are driving through construction – windshields get hit with dirt and debris. Yes, windshield cracks do happen, and it is important to not ignore them. Small cracks and “bull’s-eyes” can spread if they are not treated properly. Learn what you should do and what you should not do when a windshield crack occurs:

What You Should Do
• If the crack is less than 12 inches long, or smaller than a quarter the damage can typically be repaired without having to replace your entire windshield. Measure the crack so you can see for yourself.
• Make sure that the crack does not interfere with your vision if you are going to continue to drive the vehicle with the cracked windshield.
• Stay away from the sun, heat on the cracked windshield will cause the crack to grow larger.
• Place a small piece of clear tape over the crack in the windshield, to protect yourself against dirt. Again, make sure this does not obstruct your view while driving
• Contact an auto glass provider like Frank’s Auto Glass. Our goal at Frank’s is to help you find just what you need so you can resume driving your car with a clear, unobstructed view of the road ahead.

What You Should Not Do
• Don’t drive the car if a crack is longer than 12 inches or a chip larger than a quarter.
• Do not blast your air conditioning or put your defroster on high, extreme temperatures will make the crack worse.
• Do not slam doors or create extra pressure from inside the vehicle.
• Avoid washing your car, as the water will damage the inside of the vehicle if the crack is very large.
• Do not go to a general mechanic to get the crack fixed. Visit an auto glass-repair shop like Frank’s Auto Glass. Our technicians can help you with all your glass problems at the most affordable prices in the area!