Keeping Your Headlights Clean, Clear, & Bright

Posted onJanuary 30th, 2017 byFrank

As time goes on, your headlights become dirty. Dirt, grime, bugs, and precipitation all muck up your headlights. So what’s the big deal? Well dirty headlights mean they don’t work as well. Dirt and grime hinders the light from getting through, meaning your visibility while driving can suffer a lot. Other factors can affect your visibility, which can in turn affect your safety. Here are some things you can do to help keep your headlights clean, clear, & bright.


A quick wash with soap and warm water can do wonders for your headlights. This will do the trick for surface dirt, and reveal if there are any scratches or nicks that dirt has gotten into. If there is still some haze blocking your lights, you can try washing them with toothpaste. This works surprisingly well. Just apply toothpaste and take an old rag with some warm water and rub the headlights in a small circular motion. If this still doesn’t work, it might be time to head to the store and pick up some polish or cleaner. They sell kits with sandpaper that can help get rid of scuffing and cleaning solution to get rid of haze.

Change the Bulbs

The problem with your headlights could be the lightbulbs themselves. Consider the last time you changed your headlights. Has it been a while? Maybe it’s time for a change. Usually, headlights need to be changed about once a year, depending on the type of vehicle. You can find the right kind of bulb at your local hardware store, or at Aero Auto Parts.

UV Sealant

The sun’s UV rays can affect your headlights. Sun damage can cause the plastic covers on your headlights. Once you clean your headlights and change the bulbs, consider buying some UV sealant for added protection. This solution will protect the plastic from fading due to sun damage!