Tips for Teen Drivers

Posted onMarch 30th, 2017 byFrank

There’s nothing more exciting in a teenager’s life than finally getting a driver’s license. There are also few things more terrifying for a parent. Teen driver safety is a huge issue facing our society. With distractions on the rise and so is the number of teen drivers. Below are some tips for teen drivers to stay safe on our roadways.

Ditch the Phone

Cell-phone usage is far-and-away the most common distraction for drivers, especially teen drivers. Whether its talking, texting, or tweeting, teen drivers can’t stay off their phones. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t only a problem for teens. Americans as a whole are incredibly reckless when it comes to texting and driving. However, if we can eradicate this habit when people start driving, we can sustain a low-rate of distracted driving accidents moving forward! Do yourself and everyone else on the road a favor and put the phone down until you’re in park!

Groom Yourself at Home

Grooming activities are among the most distracting and can increase the likelihood of an accident by as much as 300%. Doing your make-up, coming your hair, and shaving are all things that you should do at home in your bathroom mirror—not your rearview. You’ll thank yourself for waking up an extra fifteen minutes earlier to make sure that you get ready before you get in the car if it means avoiding a car crash!

Eating, Reaching, & Daydreaming

There are a number of other things that may cause distracted driving. Whether it’s eating your lunch, attempting to reach something in the back seat, or simply zoning out, distracted driving puts you in danger of a car crash. Even talking to other people in the car can divert your attention. The likelihood of an accident increases every time you take your full attention of the road, so keep your focus on your driving!

Drowsy Driving

Some studies have suggested that drowsy driving is even more dangerous than drunk driving. If you’re tired behind the wheel, get out from behind that wheel! If you are tired and driving, you are not only risking your safety, you are risking the safety of everyone else on the road. Get adequate sleep at night, and if you end up driving drowsy, pull over!

Drunk Driving

You’d think we wouldn’t have to say it, but somehow this still hasn’t become common sense. DO NOT DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE of alcohol or drugs. Drunk driving is a completely preventable cause of thousands of deaths each year. Do your part to keep roadways safe!
Tips for Teen Drivers