What Is My Windshield Made Of?

Posted onAugust 15th, 2017 byFrank

Every car has a custom windshield that was made to perfectly fit the make and model of that vehicle. Often times, however, we as car owners and drivers don’t even think about the importance of our windshield until something happens to it – like a chip or crack. But what could our windshields possibly be made of to keep us protected from so many things we encounter as we drive? Here’s the lowdown.

As we drive, our windshields come in contact with so many different things that could harm and distract us from driving if the windshield were not there to protect us. Windshields are made of a type of safety glass that is strong enough to hold up against flying rocks, dirt, bugs, severe weather, and often times the impact from an animal such as a bird or deer. They are very difficult to shatter and in order to do so, a significant force like a collision, rollover, or tremendous impact from a large animal would be required. Additionally, most windshields are made up of three different layers – two layers of glass with one layer of plastic in between. If the windshield were to shatter, it would break into tiny shards so small that they wouldn’t feel sharp. This is strategic so if the windshield does break or crack in an accident, the driver and passengers in the car won’t get cut from the glass.

If you are ever driving and your windshield does crack, chip, or shatter, it is important to get it repaired before too much time passes or too much driving is does that it may make the condition of the windshield worse. Getting your windshield repaired or replaced will not only increase your visibility while driving but help to keep you safe on the road.

If you need your vehicle’s windshield repaired, contact Frank’s Auto Glass today. We also offer a mobile repair service so if your windshield is too cracked to drive, we will come to you!

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