Slash Your Annual Car Expenses With These Money-Saving Tips

Posted onOctober 10th, 2017 byFrank

Owning a car is not only a big responsibility, but a big expense. It is not only expensive when you first purchase it from a seller, but over time, the cost of gas, insurance, and maintenance can add up as well. To minimize your future car expenses, check out these money-saving tips!

Save on Gas

  • Don’t Speed – With speeding comes quick acceleration and hard breaking – both of which waste gas and can lower gas mileage by over 30%.
  • Don’t Idle – If you’re parked or waiting for someone, turn your car off. Idling wastes a significant amount of fuel while restarting your car only uses a very small amount.
  • Limit AC Use – Running the AC regularly also eats up gas and reduces fuel economy. Try limiting you AC use and when you do need to use it, set it to a higher temperature.
  • Inflate Your Tires – Keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure can also improve gas mileage. Experts suggest checking your tire pressure about once a month.

Save on Insurance

  • Shop Around – Less than 40% of car owners shopped for new auto insurance in the last year, even though shopping around can lead to big savings. Getting annual quotes from multiple companies is recommended if you’re looking to save.
  • Bundle Policies – Sometimes bundling home and auto insurance can lower your rates significantly.
  • Brag About Your Teen Driver – Telling your insurance company that your teen does well in school can save you big bucks on insurance while maintaining a clean driving record.

Save on Maintenance

  • Keep Track of When Your Vehicle Needs A Service – While bringing your car in for an annual inspection and maintenance may cost you a little out of pocket, it will help you save big by avoiding any major issues that may occur due to lack of maintenance.
  • Tackle Easy Repairs On Your Own – Simple things like replacing your windshield wiper blades and fuses can be done on your own to save the money they would charge you to do these repairs in a shop.

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