How to Remove the 3 Most Difficult Things from Your Auto Glass

Posted onAugust 30th, 2018 byFrank

Although nuisances on your car glass may have you dying for auto glass replacement in Chicago, don’t give up just yet. Frank’s Auto Glass has a few helpful tips on how to take care of these annoying situations.

Window Tint

Removing window tinting film can seem impossible if you’ve never done it before, but trust us, it’s much easier than it seems. Start by using a hair dryer or heat gun to loosen the adhesive, holding it two inches away from the glass on high heat. Work in sections and lift the edges away from the glass. Once you’re done, use a clean rag and some WD-40 to rub off any extra adhesive. That’s it!


We’ve all put a sticker on our car that we later realized we didn’t want. Most stickers can be easily scraped off after soaking them in soapy water, but some vinyl decals can be stubborn. For these difficult stickers, try the same technique for removal as the window tint. Heat and adhesive remover should do the trick.

Tree Sap

Nothing is more annoying than walking to your car only to find that it’s covered in a layer of tree sap. We recommend using diluted rubbing alcohol for the job, as full strength can damage your paint. Place a rag with a small amount of the diluted rubbing alcohol directly on the tree sap and let it sit for a minute. Next, use the rag to wipe the area, continuing to add more alcohol as it’s needed. When it’s finally all gone, clean up the area using a glass cleaner.

However, if it is time for your next auto glass replacement in Chicago, don’t worry. Contact Frank’s Auto Glass today for quick, professional service.