Hot & Cold: How Weather Affects Your Vehicle’s Windows

Posted onJune 14th, 2019 byFrank

Whether we are shivering in temperatures below zero or sweating with our windows down, the weather can put a lot of stress on your car’s windshield, which can lead to cracks, chips, or even consistent fog. Weather is uncontrollable, but Chicago auto glass repairs can be avoided by following some steps.


Cold Weather

First and foremost, be careful when you heat up your car in freezing temperatures because if your frozen windshield is blasted with the heat, the sudden temperature change can cause it to crack. If your car endured a cold night and your windshield is covered in ice, use only ice scrapers designed for the windshields—don’t use a knife or a shovel because it can lead to scratches and cracks.


Did you know that washer fluid is used more often in the winter months? Because of this, make sure your car is stocked with washer fluid to keep your windshield clean and easy to see through, especially when driving during bad weather.


Hot Weather

When the summer weather comes around and your hot car cools down too fast, it’s possible for the glass to expand and contract, causing more stress on the window. Instead of blasting your AC when you get into the car, put the AC on low to start, angling the vents downward and away from the windshield.


Additionally, warmer weather leads to traveling more often. Summertime travel can cause broken windshields and auto glass, so make sure if this happens to you, to get it fixed immediately before it spreads. If you have a windshield chip or a crack and the temperature fluctuates, it will be susceptible to more damage.


If your vehicle has a crack or chip, make sure you repair it as soon as possible so you can stick to an easy repair and not a full windshield replacement. Contact us today for your Chicago auto glass repair and we will be happy to get you back on the road as soon as possible.