Summer Driving Hazards: When To Get Your Windshield Fixed

Posted onJuly 1st, 2019 byFrank

As we all know, summer comes fast with rising temperatures and hotter car interiors can lead to some issues. From new road construction to increased travel, your car can go through unexpected wear and tear. Here are some things that can lead to unpredicted auto glass damage. If you need glass window repair near Chicago, make sure you visit Frank’s Auto Glass. 


Summer construction not only causes traffic delays but can also damage your windshield. Loose debris can be launched off of a freshly torn up roadway and crack your windows and windshield. Road construction sites can also lead to more hazardous driving conditions, so in order to avoid these hazards, be sure to reduce your speed around heavy road construction. 

Increased Road Travel

Increased road travel can lead to a mass surge of traffic, especially in large metropolitan areas. The increased traffic can lead to road deterioration, which can loosen pavement. As mentioned from construction hazards, loosened pavement can become airborne, hitting your car when you least expect it. When you are driving faster than usual on a highway, even small pebbles that hit your windshield can cause damage.   


Any type of impact to your windshield or windows can cause cracking. Make sure that this summer in Chicago, you are staying up to date with the rapid change in temperatures. Quick weather changes from cold to extreme heat can cause cracking that need repairs. If you notice cracks, don’t hesitate to call a glass window repair near Chicago. 


If you have any questions or concerns about your windows or windshields contact Frank’s Auto Glass at (773) 488-7700 or visit our website. We are happy to help you repair your windshields so you can go off on your summer road trips without a concern!