What Causes Car Door Locks to Get Stuck?

Posted onAugust 31st, 2020 byFrank

If you drive a car long enough, sooner or later you’ll experience the frustration of a stuck or damaged car door lock. Even with modern power locking systems, there’s the chance that something will eventually go wrong and cause it to stick. Here are some of the common causes of stuck car door locks.

Damaged Connections

If your car’s door lock is stuck in the locked position, there may be a broken connection within the door panel or lock assembly. You may be able to open the door manually from the inside.

Broken Key FOB

If you’re in the habit of relying on your remote control key FOB, the problem may lie in the battery or mechanism. Try troubleshooting by using your key to manually open the door.

Build-Up in the Lock

Over time, grime, dirt, or rust can collect inside the lock and cause it to jam. If damage occurred on the inside of the lock, a broken part may be lodged in the mechanism, causing it to stick.

Damage to the Lock

Collisions that impact the door may affect the lock. Even a hard slam may cause the door’s lock to become bent or disconnected.

Auto Lock Repair Service in Chicago

Getting stuck inside or out of your car due to a faulty lock can be a frustrating experience. Frank’s Auto Glass has years of experience fixing manual and power locking mechanisms. Contact us today for speedy and professional auto lock repair service in Chicago.