Are Your Wiper Blades Showing Signs Of Wear and Tear?

You may not notice until it’s raining that your wiper blades aren’t performing as well as they should be. Take notice if your wiper blades are squeaking, leaving moisture behind on the glass, or wearing unevenly.

When should I change my wiper blades?

It’s recommended to change your wiper blades every 6-12 months. You may wait longer or change them more often depending on weather, seasonal, and environmental conditions.

Signs Of Damage

Check for cracked rubber especially where the rubber meets the glass surface. If you see these signs of damage, it may be time to replace your wiper blades:

• Cracked Rubber
• Torn Rubber
• Worn Rubber
• Contaminated Rubber
• Damaged Superstructure

Change Your Wiper Blades In Pairs

Even if only one wiper blade is causing the problem, it’s best to replace them in pairs. Not all wiper blades are created equal. Be sure to purchase the correct size and type of blade in addition to the brand.

How To Buy Wiper Blades

If this is your first time purchasing new wiper blades, consult your owner’s manual to ensure you know exactly the size you need for your car. Also look at your current pair of wiper blades to determine how they are connected. Hook-style connectors tend to be the most commonly found, but you may also find pins or pinch-tabs. Your local auto parts store should carry exactly what you need.

Windshield wiper blades are relatively inexpensive to replace and many opt to swap them out themselves. If you already get an oil change nearly every 6 months, you could also plan to buy new wipers at this time and have them installed. Don’t forget to check your back wiper blade every so often if you have one!