How to Maintain Your Car’s Electrical System

Posted onFebruary 2nd, 2021 byFrank

No one likes the idea of heading out to their car in the middle of winter in Chicago, IL just to find that it won’t start or the automatic door locks don’t work. However, if your vehicle’s electrical system has been ignored during the warm months, these issues are likely to arise when you least […]

Why You Should Fix Your Windshield Before Winter

Posted onOctober 7th, 2020 byFrank

It’s never a good idea to drive around with a crack in your windshield, but it’s even riskier during a typical Midwestern winter. There are all sorts of extra hazards including reduced visibility due to shorter days, snow, ice, sleet, and fogging of the windshield. There are some other reasons as well. A Crack in […]

What Causes Car Door Locks to Get Stuck?

Posted onAugust 31st, 2020 byFrank

If you drive a car long enough, sooner or later you’ll experience the frustration of a stuck or damaged car door lock. Even with modern power locking systems, there’s the chance that something will eventually go wrong and cause it to stick. Here are some of the common causes of stuck car door locks. Damaged […]

When to Repair vs. When to Replace Auto Glass

Posted onJuly 16th, 2020 byFrank

Sooner or later, every motorist is going to suffer damage to the glass on their vehicle, and If you need window glass repair or window glass replacement in Chicago, Frank’s Auto Glass is the place to go. Repair or replace? The question is, when damage occurs to your vehicle’s glass, should you repair it or […]

Why is My Car Windshield Cracking?

Posted onMay 10th, 2020 byFrank

At Frank’s Auto Glass, we provide used auto glass replacement to many customers throughout the Chicagoland area. Customers see us for a variety of different kinds of repairs, including damage caused by car accidents, stones kicked up on the road, and other kinds of impacts. Sometimes, the reason for repair is simply environmental—as is the […]