Don’t Use These On Your Windshield!

Posted onFebruary 26th, 2020 byFrank

If you’re a vehicle owner seeking a window glass replacement service near Chicago, that might be because you’ve used harmful products of one kind or another to clean your vehicle’s windshield and windows. Harmful products are those that damage your car’s paint and glass, possibly leading to the need for windshield repair or replacement. When […]

Winter Windshield Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Posted onJanuary 29th, 2020 byFrank

Winter weather is hard on cars and leads to many vehicle repairs, such as battery, tire, and headlight replacements. It is not unusual to add windshield repair to this list. As temperatures fall and forecasts call for snow, sleet, and freezing rain, window and windshield repair in Chicago becomes a frequent occurrence.Below are some common […]

Defogging Your Windows

Posted onDecember 31st, 2019 byFrank

With aggressive drivers, traffic jams, and nothing good on the radio, the last thing you need during your morning commute is foggy windows obstructing your view of the road. Especially when you’ve recently received windshield repair in Chicago, a foggy windshield and windows can be very frustrating. Here’s some advice to give yourself commutes with […]

Tips When You Lock Yourself Out

Posted onNovember 13th, 2019 byFrank

Locking yourself out of your car can be frustrating and put a damper on your daily routine. It’s possible that at one point in your life, you will lock yourself out, so it’s important to know what steps to follow when you find yourself in this situation. If your windows are the locks that are […]

Reasons To Get Your Windshield Repaired

Posted onOctober 16th, 2019 byFrank

If your windshield has cracked, it’s important to get it fixed immediately. As the weather gets colder, a crack in a windshield can expand as moisture gets into the glass and freezes it. The longer you let your windshield stay cracked, the worse it will be in the wintertime. Frank’s can help you with auto […]