Hot & Cold: How Weather Affects Your Vehicle’s Windows

Posted onJune 14th, 2019 byFrank

Whether we are shivering in temperatures below zero or sweating with our windows down, the weather can put a lot of stress on your car’s windshield, which can lead to cracks, chips, or even consistent fog. Weather is uncontrollable, but Chicago auto glass repairs can be avoided by following some steps.   Cold Weather First […]

Your AC and Your Windshield

Posted onMay 9th, 2019 byFrank

Summer is close and while some of us love driving with the windows down, others love blasting their car’s AC. Do you need a new auto glass in Chicago? Have you ever noticed that you feel cool and comfortable with the AC blowing in your car, but there is a thin film of condensation on […]

Cracked Windshield? Repair ASAP!

Posted onApril 29th, 2019 byFrank

Driving with a cracked windshield–no matter how small the crack–is extremely unsafe. Even though you can get by driving with a cracked windshield for a little bit of time, it’s always a better idea to seek a repair shop sooner rather than later. How Do Cracked Windshields Happen? Windshield damage happens more common than you […]

Causes of Car Power Window and Door Lock Malfunctions

Posted onMarch 28th, 2019 byFrank

The addition of automatic power components was a huge step forward in the evolution of vehicles. No longer did a driver or passenger have to crank a handle to open or close a window, or manually lock their doors. While these components can be taken for granted these days, they become a large inconvenience with […]

Windshield Crack Safety Tips

Posted onFebruary 27th, 2019 byFrank

It can happen to any of us, at any time while on the road. A branch clips your windshield, debris flies up from the street, or a gravel road gets the best of your car. Even if the crack in your windshield starts off small, it can continue to grow as outdoor conditions fluctuate or […]