Minimize Your Need for Chicago Windshield Repair Services

Posted onApril 30th, 2021 byFrank

A damaged windshield is a hazard for any driver. However, if you’re familiar with some of the common causes of this damage, it can help you avoid everyday hazards that often crop up when you least expect them. We have compiled a few common causes of windshield damage as well as some suggestions that may help you avoid them.

1. Car Accidents

A major, head-on collision, will often lead to the complete destruction of your windshield, but even a minor accident can cause small cracks that can lead to major windshield damage. Always practice safe driving to minimize the risk of accidents, and always reach out to a skilled glass technician to check the structural integrity of your windshield after any accident. If a small crack is detected, you might be able to avoid a future windshield replacement by having it repaired immediately.

Car Accidents

2. Temperature Extremes

Simply stated, glass expands when heated and contracts when it’s cold. We have plenty of temperature extremes in Chicagoland, and while automotive glass is designed to minimize thermal strain, extreme temperatures over extended periods of time can cause cracks in your windshield. This is especially true when temperatures fluctuate between freezing, overnight lows and substantially higher daytime temperatures. If possible, park your vehicle in a garage to avoid these temperature extremes.

3. Shoddy Installation

Poor windshield installation can cause the glass to loosen and vibrate while you’re driving, and prolonged vibration can cause your windshield to crack. When you need to replace your auto glass in Chicago, IL, always choose a reputable installation team.

4. Inferior Glass Quality

Cheap, inexpensive glass is more likely to have defects, even though these may not be immediately apparent. Weak areas in the glass can lead to major cracks in your windshield over time. When you are looking to replace a cracked or broken windshield, make sure you are selecting a reputable company.

5. Flying Rocks and Gravel

Gravel roads and roads littered with construction debris are hot zones for windshield damage. Driving too close to large semi-trailer and construction trucks is another risky situation. When driving on roads littered with rocks, gravel and other debris, lower your speed and try to keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

The same holds true if you get stuck behind a large truck or construction vehicle. Keeping a safe distance is a good way to stay safe on the roadway and protect your windshield from unnecessary damage.

Flying Rocks and Gravel

6. Hail and Storm Damage

Damage from things like hail and falling tree limbs can be difficult to avoid because of the sudden nature of storms, to say nothing of those that come in the middle of the night. If you live in an area prone to severe storms – and today, most of us do – if at all possible, try to park your car under an overhead shelter or in a garage.

Auto Glass Repair in Chicago, IL

When you find yourself in need of windshield repair or replacement, including mobile repair service, reach out to the professionals at Frank’s Auto Glass. We offer expert repair and replacement services throughout the Chicagoland area, and we’ll also be glad to help you find out if you qualify for free windshield repair through your insurance company.

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