Don’t Use These On Your Windshield!

Posted onFebruary 26th, 2020 byFrank

If you’re a vehicle owner seeking a window glass replacement service near Chicago, that might be because you’ve used harmful products of one kind or another to clean your vehicle’s windshield and windows. Harmful products are those that damage your car’s paint and glass, possibly leading to the need for windshield repair or replacement. When cleaning your vehicle’s glass, here are products to avoid—and they might surprise you.


Are you kidding? How could a soft sponge possibly damage my windshield? The answer is that the softness of sponges is deceiving. They’re really meant to scrub, not gently clean, and when used on your vehicle’s glass, they leave small scratches. These scratches may not be visible right away, but over months and years, sponges will ruin your glass.


Just like sponges, the softness of towels is deceptive. While they seem soft, just like sponges, towels used on your vehicle’s glass will scratch the surface. They’re really not soft enough to use on the glass, and over time, you may grow to regret using them.

Ammonia-based products

Many household cleaning products contain ammonia—think Windex—and leave streaks that can create glare as you drive. The ammonia present in these products will cause any tint on your glass to peel off, leaving you with a terrible-looking windshield and windows. Avoid the ammonia-based products!

Now what?

So, what should you use? The answer’s really simple: use only microfiber cloths on your car’s glass and paint. For the glass, reach for products like Armor All or Rain-X, which are automotive glass-specific cleaners that contain no ammonia.

Hopefully, these cleaning tips will help you, and we hope when you need repair or window glass replacement service near Chicago, you’ll always come to Frank’s Auto Glass. You’ll be happy you did!