Search – Evaluate – Execute – Motorcycle Safety

Posted onJuly 10th, 2015 byFrank

Road safety is practiced by motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicle drivers alike. Did you know that over half of all fatal motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle? Unfortunately, most of time, the car or truck driver and not the motorcyclist, is at fault. Often drivers ignore motorcycles unintentionally due to their small size and less frequency on the road compared to cars and trucks.

Now that we are aware of the potential dangers, we can also use tools to be prepared and cautious when sharing the road with motorcyclists to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Use the SEE Method
Search. Evaluate. Execute. Search means scan and identify factors that could create high risk. Evaluate means to consider potential problems of such risks. Execute refers to the physical motor skills used to prevent or avoid an accident.

Did you know?
Motorcycles have a narrow profile and can easily be hidden in a car’s blind spot or camouflaged by objects in the background such as shadows, bushes, or fences.

Motorcyclists often slow down by downshifting or letting off the throttle, which will not activate the brake light.

Motorcyclists often adjust position within a lane to be seen more easily and to minimize the effects of road debris, passing vehicles, and wind.

Safety First
Road safety should be a top priority when it comes to sharing the road with motorcycles, especially during the riding seasons of spring, summer, and fall.