Door Lock Covered In Ice?

Posted onDecember 22nd, 2015 byFrank

When you park in an uncovered area during winter, you may be used to the typical routine of cleaning snow off of your car and scraping ice off of your windshields, but what happens when you attempt to get into your car only to find the locks are frozen shut? Blame it on the perfect combination of ice, snow, and temperature fluctuations. Now what?

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent a frozen lock, and there are a few hacks to quickly unfreeze your locks so you can get into your car, defrost your windows, and get on with your day. Even better, you may already have many of these items at your convenience.

Lighter: Use a lighter or match to heat the key up, then gently push the heated key into the lock to help melt the ice. Be sure to use a metal key and take precaution not to melt a key that might have a plastic top.

Drinking Straw: If you have a drinking straw, you can you it to blow air directly on the frozen lock. The heat from your breath should melt the ice.

Magnet: One way to prevent a frozen lock is to place a magnet over the lock overnight and when you park your car.

Vaseline: Vaseline and WD-40 both work for melting ice in addition to preventing frozen locks. Lubricate your key and turn the lock several times about once per week.

De-Icer: It’s a good idea to keep a few cans of de-icer handy in case of a frozen emergency.

Hair Dryer: If you have an extension cord and a hair dryer, this method will not fail.

Avoid breaking your key off in the lock and take your time. Repeat steps as needed until your locks become free of ice.