How Each Season Affects Your Windshield

Posted onJune 9th, 2016 byFrank

Chicago’s 4 Seasons

There are few things more frustrating than a cracked or chipped windshield. At Frank’s Auto Glass, we strive to be the number one choice for auto glass repair and replacement in Chicago and Chicagoland neighborhoods. A cracked or broken windshield or window can occur any time of year, anywhere in the city. There are a number of events that may cause your windshield to become cracked or broken, including weather conditions, vandalism, and road conditions. Below are some of the most common reasons your windshield may become cracked or broken because of Chicago’s four seasons:


In the hot Chicago summers, your car will find itself subject to sweltering heat and the baking sun can cause your windshield to expand causing chips and cracks. This may happen when you crank up the A/C because the abrupt change in temperature can cause the glass to chip or crack. It’s important that if you notice a crack or a chip, to get it repaired immediately to avoid a bigger and more expensive problem down the road. The best advice we can give is to park in a cool area—especially a garage—so your car can avoid the hot temperatures. Otherwise, consider keeping your windows slightly open while the car is parked in the heat so it doesn’t get too hot on the interior. Also, avoid blasting the air as soon as you get into the car. Gradually introduce cold air into the car on hot days so that a sudden change of temperature doesn’t jeopardize your auto glass.


Chicago in the fall is beautiful, but can be a dangerous time for your car’s auto glass. They call it fall for a reason. Leaves begin to fall from trees-but that’s not all that falls. Sticks, branches, nuts, and seeds fall from trees too during the fall, and put your windshield at risk of their impact. Try to park your car away from trees during autumn if you can help it. As always, we recommend parking in a garage or structure, but if that isn’t possible, try to park away from hazards that may fall from above.


Winter’s harsh conditions are your windshield’s worst nightmare. Not only do intense weather conditions like hail put your car’s auto glass in peril, but the temperature, the icy roads, and falling icicles are all hazards to be aware of. Winter has the highest rates of auto accidents of all the seasons, and accidents often mean broken windshields. Be careful driving on icy roadways, and avoid driving during harsh weather conditions when at all possible to reduce your risk of an accident. When warming your car up, be cautious to blast the heat to fast. Much like an abrupt gust of cold air hitting a hot windshield, hot air being blasted at a frozen windshield can potentially damage the glass. Finally, avoid parking beneath icicles or areas where falling debris may put your car’s auto glass in danger.


Spring is an infamous time for crazy weather patterns. Wild shifts in temperature and storms that come out of nowhere all have the potential to put your auto glass in peril. Make sure to avoid driving during storms to minimize your chances of an accident, park away from areas where falling debris from high winds and stormy conditions may fall on your windshield, and be sure to watch out for newly wet roads—they are extra slippery.