How Auto Glass Works

Posted onJune 23rd, 2016 byFrank

How Auto Glass is Different

Auto Glass is different from other types of glass because it is made with your safety in mind. Auto glass for your windshield is made from laminated glass, which is resistant to shattering and creating large dangerous shards of glass when it breaks. Instead, when laminated glass breaks, it breaks into pebble-like pieces that remain bound to a layer of lamination, so it is less likely to harm passengers. Safety glass used in the auto industry must meet quality control specifications in regards to durability and impact resistance. Auto glass is actually an integral part of the safety of your vehicle. It is designed to provide structural support to the vehicle. The windshield keeps the roof from caving in when the car rolls, it allows the airbags to behave correctly, and provides a barrier between passengers and hazards in a collision.

How Auto Glass is Made

The process for making auto glass differs from other types of glass. The beginning stage requires melting down raw materials into a molten state. The molten glass is fed into a chamber that flattens the glass before it is cooled. It is then cut and shaped to its specifications. Here’s where auto glass deviates from the traditional process. Auto glass must be laminated after it is tempered and cleaned. This means that a thin layer of plastic is placed between two sheets of glass. If the glass breaks, it remains fixed to this layer of plastic lamination. From here, the glass is cut and processed further before moving on to an automobile assembly line.

How Auto Glass is Repaired

When your auto glass becomes cracked, chipped, or broken, you’ll have the option to repair or replace the windshield. The size and severity of the chip or crack will determine whether or not it will need to be repaired or replaced. If the chip is small enough, it will be repairable. If it is, a technician will use resin to fill in the broken parts of the glass. If the crack or chip is too large, however, the technician will need to replace the glass with a new windshield or window. Replacement is more expensive, so if you find yourself with a small chip or crack in your windshield, it is always recommended that you get it repaired early, because it can easily become a bigger problem which will cost you more money later on down the line.

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