2017 Is For Better Driving

Posted onDecember 28th, 2016 byFrank

Make 2017 great by making your New Year’s Resolution to become a better driver! We have to share our roadways with each other, so everyone being a little bit better at driving will make things a whole lot smoother. Here are our tips for becoming a better driver this year!


1. Let Them Pass—Do the courteous thing, and let people pass you on the highway. You should generally drive in the right lane unless you are passing someone, with the exception of an anticipated left turn or left-sided exit. If you are driving slowly in the left lane, do everyone a favor and move over.

2. Leave a Space Cushion—Keep your distance from other cars. Don’t try to speed others up by tailgating. You should maintain at least a car’s length between yourself and other drivers.

3. Stay Alert—Focus on the road and pay attention to your surroundings. This sounds like an obvious one, but we all know how easy it is to get distracted while driving. Take a look at your mirrors frequently and check your blind spot!

4. Be Courteous—Be a courteous driver by going the speed limit, using your blinker correctly, and never switch lanes in the middle of an intersection. Avoid abrupt stops in moving traffic, and use your horn the way it’s meant to be used. Don’t’ use the shoulder of the road or the median to get around other cars in traffic.

5. Yellow Means Slow—Not faster. Don’t try to beat the red light. You’ll get where you’re going eventually—just slow down when you see a yellow light and stop. It’ll make the roads safer for everyone.


Follow our tips and you’ll see a major improvement in your driving this year. Better drivers are safer drivers, which means less accidents on roadways this year!

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