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Driving Tips That Save You Money

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Driving Tips That Save You Money

Looking to save some money on your gas bill every month? As a driver, there are ways you can increase your fuel efficiency, meaning you’ll spend less at the gas pump. Follow our tips below for better fuel economy no matter what kind of vehicle you drive!

Lower Speeds

Slowing down while you drive can actually help save you money. For all of you out there with lead feet, it’s time to take some pressure off the gas pedal. The faster you drive, the more wind resistance your vehicle encounters, and the harder it has to work to push through that wind resistance. By slowing down, you can give your car a little break. About every 10 mph that you accelerate, you lose about 15% of your fuel economy.

Higher Gears

This one is for all of you stick-shifters. You’ll save money if you get into the highest gear you can, but go at the lowest possible speed. Your vehicle uses less gas when the engine turns slower (which happens at higher gears). You might not be able to accelerate quickly, but at least you’ll be saving gas, and therefore, money.

Fewer Brakes

You are using a ton of gas every time you step on your car’s bakes. This is because you are wasting the acceleration you used gas to generate when you step on the brakes. To use your brakes less, drive proactively and anticipate when and where you’ll be stopping. Accelerate slowly and coast through to the next stop. Stop accelerating and then slamming on the brakes. Over time, you will start to see huge savings in gas costs.

Less Idling

You are losing mpg when your car is idling. Idling vehicles are wasting money—plain and simple. If you have the option, turn your car off. Your wallet will thank you. On that note—stop warming up your car in the winter. Believe it or not, “warming up your car” in the winter isn’t really doing anything. If it’s below freezing, let your car run for MAYBE a minute to let it warm up—but stop going out to the driveway early in the morning to start the car. You’re just wasting money.

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I recently brought my car in to have the broken passenger window replaced. The guys at Frank’s were very professional and the prices were good compared to other places. I’d recommend to anyone. Thanks guys!

Sandra G. - Google Reviews

Couldn't ask for a better establishment! I been driving around with a cracked windshield for longer than I should have. Finally had am off day and dropped them off my car. I was running late to pick up the car and they were very accommodating. Some places would make you wait until next day. Reasonable straightforward prices. They have gained a customer for life.

Eric B. - Google Reviews

Once again, frank’s auto glass came through. The price was exceptional the service was great, I would highly recommend anybody who needs class work, Should come here. I’ve done business with Frank and his family for many years, and I always leave satisfied. They don’t make them like this anymore. So five stars in Bravo.

Matthew W. - Google Reviews

Frank’s was great. They didn’t have my windshield in stock and had to order one, but they were ready for me the next day. The work was completed very quickly, and the staff were all friendly. The price was fair. Would go back again if necessary!

Aislinn - Google Reviews

I am extremely happy with the service I received from Frank's Auto Glass Repair. The replacement took a few hours because of the business' excellent service that it is first come first served. I have nothing but good things to say about this business. I pray I do not need another one anytime soon but I will definitely refer family and friends for premier services!

April W. - Google Reviews

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