Your VIN Tells All

Posted onJune 21st, 2017 byFrank

Need to do some work on your car but don’t know enough about it? Want to order new parts but can’t remember the model of your car? Whether a mechanic needs your VIN to order new parts for your ride or you plan to do some car repairs yourself, your VIN acts as your car’s unique fingerprint and is encoded with all the information you need to know about your car and what makes it work.

Every Car Is Different

Every car has a different Vehicle Identification Number that can be found on the top of the hood where the dashboard meets the windshield or on your vehicle registration. A VIN is 17 characters long and made up of both capital letters and digits and can be used to tell you the year, model, engine size, manufacturer, and other unique specifications about that car. It can also track warranties, recalls, registrations, and insurance coverage. Once you locate this number, have your local dealer enter it into their system and they can tell you just what you need for your DIY repairs.

What do the VIN letters and numbers stand for?

The first character tells you where the car what built, while the second, third, and eighth characters identify the manufacturers as well as if it is a fuel flexible car. The fourth through eighth characters specify the car’s brand, engine size and type. The ninth character is a security code that ensures the VIN is manufacturer-authorized, the tenth tells you the model year, and the eleventh indicates where the car was assembled. The last six characters represent the car’s serial number.


Courtesy of  Auto Check and Car Talk