Why Did My Power Windows Stop Working?

Posted onAugust 25th, 2017 byFrank

If your power windows have ever malfunctioned on a scorching summer day, you know that this can be traumatic. It can also be frustrating when you go to a drive-thru and have to fully open the door rather than just the window to get your food. While power window failures aren’t super common, they can definitely happen. But what causes them to malfunction? Here are a few reasons that we found:

Faulty Window Regulators

One of the most common reason power windows can malfunction is because the window regulator and cable come apart from one another – the cable can break or come off the pulley. The power window system may sound like its working but if the cable is not winding up correctly, you window will be stuck. 

Snow and Ice

If you use your car on a regular basis in snowy or icy conditions, the window regulators can fail because of this. The snow and ice can freeze the glass to the frame around the windows, causing the regulator to work extra hard to get the window unfrozen or unstuck to allow it to roll down. This often wears out the regulator and can make it stop working unexpectedly. 

Overheated Motors

A power window motor can also overheat, causing the window to be stuck up or down. Sometimes all you need to do is let the motor cool down in order for it to start working again, but other times it may require a technician to take the door off and check out the motor and its wiring.

Master Switch Malfunctions

Sometimes the issue can be as simple as a broken master switch – the button you press to raise or lower the window. This button supplies power to the motor to make it move, but if the button is broken or disconnected, no signal is being sent to motor to tell it to move.

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Courtesy of Angie’s List