Windshield Tinting Laws in Illiniois

Posted onMay 15th, 2018 byFrank

The trend of tinting windshields and other auto glass has been around for quite some time. It’s likely you’ve noticed cars with tinted front windshields, back windshields as well as side windows. If you just got new auto glass in Chicago, you may be tempted to tint your windshield, as it can help protect your car from things like heat, brightness and interior damage. However, did you know that each state has specific windshield-tinting laws? Here’s what you need to know about tinting your windshield in Illinois.

Visible Light Transmission

Window tinting laws in Illinois were enacted in 2009. Laws are made based on the percent of visible light that is allowed through your car windows, referred to as visible light transmission (VLT). Keep in mind that laws differ based on the type of car that you have.


The top six inches of sedan windshields are allowed to have a non-reflective tint. Front side windows and back side windows must allow more than 35 percent of light in. Rear windows are the same; they must allow more than 35 percent of light in.

SUVs and Vans

The windshields on SUVs and vans also allow for the top six inches to have a non-reflective tint. For front side windows, they must allow more than 50 percent of light in. Backside windows and the rear window allow for any percent of darkness to be used.

The laws regarding Illinois window tint rules and regulations are a bit more complicated than other states’ laws. If you’ve just installed new auto glass in Chicago and you want to tint your windshield, make sure you are following the regulations!

Source: Tinting Laws