How to Cover A Broken Side Window

Posted onOctober 31st, 2018 byFrank

If your car has a broken side window, you might not have time to immediately replace your Chicago auto glass. In this case, you’ll need to create a temporary window to protect both you and the interior of your car. Don’t expose it to the winter elements, learn about the best temporary fixes.

Throw Out All the Glass You Can

As we all know, shards of broken glass can cause serious cuts that may lead to infection. After all, the last thing you need after damage to your vehicle is an expensive medical bill. Additionally, leaving loose glass behind can tear up your seats and other features of your car. When you clean up the pieces of glass, make sure you’re very careful. Use protective gloves for the large pieces and use a powerful vacuum to pick up the remainder.

Clean the Frame

Thoroughly wipe down the window frame and seal area with a wet cloth to remove excess dust and debris. You’ll want this area clean and dry before the next step.

Your Temporary Fix

Until you get your new Chicago auto glass, you’ll need to seal up the window. The best way to do this is with clear packing tape or a clear sheet of plastic. If you opt for just packing tape, do one strip at a time, making sure they overlap. If you’re using a sheet of plastic, pull it tight over your window and seal the edges down with clear packing tape. To avoid peeling off any paint, tape from the inside of your car.

Above all else, keep this fix a temporary one! Find your permanent Chicago auto glass as soon as you can.