Winter Windshield Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Posted onJanuary 29th, 2020 byFrank

Winter weather is hard on cars and leads to many vehicle repairs, such as battery, tire, and headlight replacements. It is not unusual to add windshield repair to this list. As temperatures fall and forecasts call for snow, sleet, and freezing rain, window and windshield repair in Chicago becomes a frequent occurrence.Below are some common issues and situations that may damage or destroy your windshield, as well as solutions to these problems.

  1. Automobile glass expands and contracts with dramatic temperature changes. If your windshield is frosted over, put the defrost on low (not high) and scrape off what you can with an ice scraper. Do not use hot water to melt frost, snow, or ice, as this can cause the windshield to crack.
  2. Chips, cracks, and other damage in window glass or a windshield should be repaired before winter. Freezing temperatures are far more likely to cause cracks and chips to spread than temps above thirty-two degrees fahrenheit.
  3. When parking your car outside, leave your windshield wipers pointed upwards away from the windshield to prevent them from freezing to the glass.
  4. Scrape your windshield with an ice scraper when it frosts over. Do not use your wipers to try to remove it, as this can damage them.
  5. Consider investing in a frost blocking cover, a protective barrier you place over your windshield to keep heavy snow and ice off it.

To avoid investing in a full windshield or window replacement this winter, keep up with winter windshield maintenance. If this includes having window or windshield repair in Chicago, look no further than Frank’s Auto Glass for knowledgeable, experienced, and affordable help. Call us today at 773-488-7700.