Chicago, IL Junk Car Buyers

Aero Auto Parts

Tired of putting new parts into an old car just to have something else go out?
Stop worrying every time you turn the ignition that this might be the last time your car will run before leaving you stranded. Bring it down to Aero Auto Parts for cash on the spot!

Keep it stress free.
Whether your car runs or not, we want it. If the engine’s crapped out, the transmission’s fallen apart, or the problems are still a mystery, call today and schedule your car pickup for the same day.

Highest prices paid in Chicago for your junk car:

  • Same day car pickup
  • Cash on the spot
  • Running or not

Remember, your vehicle title is required for all sales.

Have an old car that’s more hassle than you think it’s worth? Call 773-483-2626 today to schedule your hassle-free, same day pickup. And if that weren’t enough, get cash on the spot!