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Save time and money by buying your parts in bulk.
And what greater way to buy in bulk than with a full parts car? Get everything your sedan needs, from doors to a replacement radiator, and save twice. Once for getting it all in the same parts car, and the second time for visiting Aero Auto Parts and finding the lowest prices in Chicago.

Put your mechanical skills to the test.
You were always secretly excited when there was a flat tire, a leaking coolant line, or a knock in the motor. It’s time to try your hand at a full project car. Choose from our ever cycling collection of all makes and models, and you’re sure to find a fixer upper to fall in love with.

Best prices in Chicago for all junk cars:

  • Parts cars
  • Project cars

Looking for a project? Call Aero Auto Parts today at 773-483-2626 or come down to 6339 S. Wentworth Ave and check out our selection of parts and project cars, all at the best prices you’ll find in Chicago.