How To Operate Manual Transmissions

Posted onFebruary 23rd, 2017 byFrank

At Frank’s Auto Glass, we service all types of vehicles—new, old; foreign, domestic; automatic, manual—you name it! We don’t just provide Chicago with the best auto glass service around, we also provide some of the best tips for drivers and car owners in Chicagoland! For all of you Chicagoans looking to learn how to drive […]

Keeping Your Headlights Clean, Clear, & Bright

Posted onJanuary 30th, 2017 byFrank

As time goes on, your headlights become dirty. Dirt, grime, bugs, and precipitation all muck up your headlights. So what’s the big deal? Well dirty headlights mean they don’t work as well. Dirt and grime hinders the light from getting through, meaning your visibility while driving can suffer a lot. Other factors can affect your […]

Keep Your Car Safe From Auto Theft

Posted onJanuary 25th, 2017 byFrank

Nobody wants their car stolen (obviously), but the sad reality is that in the city of Chicago experienced over 10,000 auto thefts in 2016 alone (see here). Auto theft is a very real risk we run living in the city of Chicago. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent your car from being […]

2017 Is For Better Driving

Posted onDecember 28th, 2016 byFrank

Make 2017 great by making your New Year’s Resolution to become a better driver! We have to share our roadways with each other, so everyone being a little bit better at driving will make things a whole lot smoother. Here are our tips for becoming a better driver this year!   1. Let Them Pass—Do […]

How the Cold Affects Your Car

Posted onDecember 15th, 2016 byFrank

It’s official, Chicago. Winter has arrived! These freezing temperatures might be a hassle to us, but it can be truly detrimental to our vehicles. Ever sit in your car in the morning waiting forever for it to warm up? As the temperature goes down, the likelihood of your car having problems goes up. Below are […]