Vehicle Maintenance Apps

Posted onMay 24th, 2017 byFrank

Keeping your car running properly requires regular maintenance. Now, there are couple of routes you can take to maintain your vehicle. One option, of course, is taking it into the shop frequently. But if you’re on a budget, this might not be the most sustainable idea. Garage bills can start to add up—especially if you’re […]

Does Insurance Cover Auto Glass Repair/Replacement?

Posted onApril 30th, 2017 byFrank

Let’s be clear right of the bat—the answer to this question depends on your policy. Car insurance policies come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of coverage. So the answer to “does insurance cover auto glass repair/replacement” is… it depends. But we know that sounds like a cop-out answer and leaves our readers pretty unsatisfied. […]

Debugging Your Windshield

Posted onApril 26th, 2017 byFrank

Spring has sprung in Chicago, and that means a lot of things: Warmer weather, longer days, beautiful flowers blooming everywhere you look. But it also means the resurgence of our little six-legged friends—insects. Along with the rest of nature, bugs come out in big numbers when winter turns into spring. They’re annoying, they’re abundant, and […]

Tips for Teen Drivers

Posted onMarch 30th, 2017 byFrank

There’s nothing more exciting in a teenager’s life than finally getting a driver’s license. There are also few things more terrifying for a parent. Teen driver safety is a huge issue facing our society. With distractions on the rise and so is the number of teen drivers. Below are some tips for teen drivers to […]

Clean & Clear Windshields

Posted onMarch 27th, 2017 byFrank

Keeping your car’s windshield clean isn’t only important so that your car looks nice—it’s also an important safety precaution. Dirty windshields decrease visibility while driving which is a recipe for disaster. You can take measures to keep your windshields clean and clear easily and inexpensively. Below are some tips for keeping a clean windshield using […]