Give Thanks To Your Car

Posted onNovember 25th, 2014 byFrank

Whether you’re cruising around in a brand new beauty or trucking along in a loved hammy down ride, as car owners, we are thankful to get from point A to point B. Give thanks to your car this month by checking up on some simple, yet important maintenance concerns.

Check the air pressure in your tires: As the temperature drops, so does the air pressure in your tires! Reference your vehicle owner’s manual to be sure you are maintaining sufficient air pressure so your tires can provide great handling, traction, and durability.

Fill her up with fuel: There’s nothing like a full tank of gas to show your car some TLC!

Clean sweep! If you’re already at the gas station checking your tires and refueling, you might as well take your ride through the car wash and sweep through with the vacuum too. Doesn’t it feel great!

Are you due for an oil change? Now that your car is fresh and ready for the road, check your mileage to see if you’re due for an oil change. This is also a great time to think about your brakes. If you don’t do your own oil changes, or don’t feel comfortable checking on your brake status, you can ask the mechanics who are servicing your vehicle. Often times, auto shops offer this check-up free of charge with an oil change.

If your car could talk, it would probably say thanks in return for all of the appreciation! At Frank’s Auto Glass, we wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!