Winter And Your Windshield

Posted onOctober 26th, 2015 byFrank

Winter is inevitable (at least here in the Midwest), and being prepared for the upcoming ice and snow can make it much more tolerable. When it comes to your windshield, make sure your wiper blades are in good repair, refill your windshield washer reservoir with de-icer fluid, and tuck a spray can of chemical de-icer in your car’s supply box.

Frozen Wiper Blades

You know how it goes. It’s a cold, blustery morning in the Windy City and the last thing you need is one more thing to do before you drive to work. However, if you pry your wipers loose from your frozen windshield in haste, you might end up having to replace them.

To release your wipers from their icy prison, turn your defrost blower on, folding your visors down to deflect warm air to your windshield. Make certain your wipers are in the off position and gently expose them with a snow brush or scraper, being careful not to gouge the blades. Once cleared, spray chemical de-icer directly onto them and wait a minute or two for it to work, clearing snow and ice from other parts of your car while you wait. Try to gently lift the blade, spraying additional de-icer if necessary.

Never force the blades loose, as it will surely damage them. Once the blade lifts easily, gently tap off any remaining ice and wipe the top and underside with a dry cloth. Clear any additional ice and snow from your windshield and turn the wipers on using the de-icing solution from your car reservoir.

Lastly, never use hot water to loosen frozen wipers. Yes, your blades will loosen without damage, but the warmth of the water may crack the cold glass, causing a much bigger problem.

Repair the Ding

In winter, more than ever, it is essential to keep your windshield in good repair. The temperature differential between the heater inside and the bitter cold outside can turn the tiniest of dings into a major and costly crack. If you notice a small imperfection, give us a call and let us fix it before it becomes a big problem!