My Car Windows Won’t Roll Up

Posted onMay 5th, 2016 byFrank

It’s happened to all of us before. You roll the window down to pay a toll, pick up food from a drive through, or let that sweet Chicago summer air in, and when you go to roll the window back up, it won’t. This is a problem that should be solved sooner rather than later because having your window open leaves your car vulnerable to theft as well as the elements. There are a number of reasons why your car windows may not be rolling up or down, but don’t worry. You have options. Below are the steps you should take to discovering the underlying cause of your window not rolling up or down, and how to move forward:

Removing the Door Panel

Usually you can unscrew the door panel with a screwdriver. Make sure to obviously keep an eye on any screws or washers you remove, as you’ll need them to put the panel back on. You will be able to see the pulley system that operates your window. This will be the case for either manual or automatic car windows.

Manual Systems

If your car window is operated manually by a crank, check to see that the crank makes the pulley system move. If it does, then the issue could be the alignment of the glass on the track, which will be discussed later. If the system does not move, there is a mechanical problem that will require professional repair or replacement.

Automatic Systems

Once the panel is removed from the inside of the car door, you will need to inspect the electronic components. Check that they are in proper working order—check to see if fuses are blown or if there is damage to any wiring. If there is a blown fuse, you may be able to replace it yourself, but other damages should usually be handled by a professional.

Checking the Glass

If the system seems to be working, the problem may be that the window itself is off of the tracks. Often, you can adjust the window to put it back on the track. If you cannot reposition the window, you will want to get it either repaired or replaced. Calling a professional is likely the next step in this case.


There are some easy fixes to car door windows that won’t roll up or down, but in many cases you will want to have it handled by a professional. Frank’s Auto Glass can repair or replace car door windows that aren’t working properly. We’ll come to you, no matter where in Chicagoland you are!