Best Ways to Avoid Cracked Windshields

Posted onMay 19th, 2016 byFrank

Cracked Windshields

If your car’s windshield gets cracked or chipped, don’t worry—we’ve got your back. The ideal situation would be not having your windshield get chipped or cracked at all. We understand that a lot of the time, circumstances are out of your control—accidents happen all the time. However, there are some best practices for avoiding chipped or cracked windshields in the first place that you might just want to read up on before you get into your car next. Here are some tips to help you avoid chipped or cracked windshields in the future:

Avoid Construction

Construction areas have all sorts of debris floating around that is just sitting there, waiting to be kicked up at your windshield by another car’s tires. Even worksites with low speed limits pose threats to your windshield. Unless there is no other route, try to take the way around construction rather than through it. Try your best to keep your distance from other cars if you have to drive through construction.

Avoid Trucks

More often than not, a rock getting kicked up by another car’s tires is the reason for a cracked windshield. Trucks are infamous for kicking up rocks and debris at the cars behind them. Semis and work trucks alike are notorious for this—so do your best to avoid them. Try to stay in front of or next to these vehicles when you are on the road. Also avoid any vehicle with something that looks like it could fall off the back.

Careful Where You Park

Cracks and chips don’t only happen on the road! They can happen while your car is parked. Of course, the ideal situation for any car is to be parked in a garage. Weather conditions can damage a car’s windshield like hail falling down on the glass, or harsh winds blowing debris that cracks a windshield. Other cars on the road may kick up rocks or debris at your parked car if you are parked on the street. Likewise, if there is overhang like trees, nuts, branches, and sticks may fall onto your windshield and crack it. If you do not have access to a garage, park your car somewhere off the road and away from trees, if possible. If not, try to park on a street that is not busy to avoid other cars on the road kicking anything up.