Vehicle Maintenance Apps

Posted onMay 24th, 2017 byFrank

Keeping your car running properly requires regular maintenance. Now, there are couple of routes you can take to maintain your vehicle. One option, of course, is taking it into the shop frequently. But if you’re on a budget, this might not be the most sustainable idea. Garage bills can start to add up—especially if you’re maintaining your vehicle as often as is recommended. Now that we are in the 21st Century, we have tools that can help us maintain our vehicles ourselves. Your smartphone can house apps that will walk you through vehicle maintenance, and some of our favorites are below. Just to be clear, we’re not advocating that you never take your car into the shop. We actually highly recommend you do that. We just want to offer you some DIY tools for car maintenance to help you out between visits to the garage. Here are three apps that are great for keeping your vehicle maintained:

Vehicle Maintenance Apps Chicago, IL


RepairPal is the app that tells you how much your repairs should cost. It also matches drivers with their network of certified repair shops nearest to them. You can see reviews about different cars before you buy them, recall information, ask a community of mechanics a repair question, or look up information about common car problems all from this one app! It’s super easy to use and the interface is seamless. This is definitely high on our list of favorites!

Gas Cubby

Gas Cubby helps you keep track of not only your car’s mileage, but its fuel economy as well. You’ll get alerts reminding you when it’s time to service your vehicle based on the information you feed into the app. It will tell you, for instance, when it’s time for an oil change, or a tire rotation. It will also keep track of how much you spend on gas over time to give you a glimpse into how much your vehicle is costing you.

Car Care

The Car Care app is one of the easiest ways to track fuel economy and service maintenance. Much like like the previous app on this list, you’ll get reminders about when to change your oil, when to rotate your tires—even when to wash and wax your car to keep it looking sleek! You can even customize the app to meet your individual needs. You can add multiple vehicles and you can change the fuel type you’re using for each vehicle. And for our international friends: you can change the settings to be based on the metric system and different currencies, as well as multiple languages!