Are Your Car’s Power Locks Broken? We Can Help!

Posted onDecember 7th, 2017 byFrank

If you have owned the same car for many years or bought an older model used vehicle, it’s not unusual for the power lock system to give out eventually. Whether your vehicle has a keypad on the door, a keyless remote, or regular power locks, it’s important to get them repaired so you don’t end up locked in or out of your car. Lucky for you, at Frank’s Auto Glass we can repair your power locks quickly and efficiently the very same day!

Why Did My Locks Fail?

The most common reason for broken power locks is a worn out actuator. The actuator is made up of a motor, gears, and a cable that expand or retract in order to unlock or lock the doors. When the electrical current within the lock system no longer interacts with the motor, the action to lock or unlock isn’t received and therefore doesn’t work. Other lock system failures can be caused be actuator mechanical linkage problems or when a latch assembly interferes with the motor and prohibits it from moving.

How Do You Fix Them?

If the actuator is the cause of the locking system failure, all we usually need to do is remove it, repair or replace the motor or linking mechanism, and then put it back in the vehicle. In most cases, the system failure is isolated to an issue in only one of the locks, so there usually isn’t a need to repair or replace every single actuator within the vehicle.

If you’re having issues with your power lock system, contact Frank’s Auto Glass today to schedule an appointment!