Signs You Need New Auto Glass in Chicago

Posted onFebruary 20th, 2018 byFrank

We understand the inherent urge to save a buck and continue driving if a chip, scratch, crack or shatter damages your windshield. But in the long run, risking more serious damage to both your car or yourself isn’t worth the risk. Here are some signs you need new auto glass in Chicago if you have a damaged windshield.


These are the most dangerous if they’re left untreated. Even the smallest of cracks can pose a huge problem in an instant if you drive over a pothole or get in a small fender bender. And trust us, the “tricks” the internet tells you about fixing small cracks on your own will likely fail in the long run. Please contact us if you have a crack you need fixed.

Chips & Scratches

Flying rocks, branches or unexpected objects can fly at your windshield at any moment, causing small chips or scratches. Although you may not need a full-on windshield replacement, chips and scratches are better handled by a professional. It’s also important to get these fixed so they don’t obstruct your line of sight or interrupt the windshield wiper sensors.

What’s the Rush?

Although the signs of needing new auto glass in Chicago are pretty obvious, it’s important to get these problems fixed sooner than later. Windshields play an important role in your car’s structural support. If you get in a crash, even a small crack can play a detrimental role in your safety. When your safety is at stake, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Frank’s Auto Glass Chicago wants to help you and your family be as safe as possible! Contact us today with questions or concerns.