Avoiding Windshield Damage

Posted onApril 18th, 2018 byFrank

You may not realize the importance of a clean, damage-free windshield until you have a crack that obstructs your view. Not only are windshields crucial to a clear line of sight while driving, but it’s also an important structural facet of your car, as it can help protect you if you ever get into a serious car accident. If your windshield is damaged, you should get new auto glass in Chicago as soon as you can. Here are some ways to prevent damaging your windshield.

Don’t Slam Car Doors

You’d be surprised how quickly a small crack can turn into a large one if you are continuously slamming your car doors. The vibration that comes from slamming your car doors can make their way to your windshield. Even if you don’t have an initial crack, over time, you may develop one if you use excessive force.

Beware of Hot Weather

As warm weather is around the corner, it’s important to know that you should try to leave your windows cracked at least a small amount when parking your car for long periods of time. If you don’t, the buildup of heat may cause extra pressure on your windshield that creates cracks and damage.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

Having a clean windshield is always important, but make sure you don’t use harsh chemicals that contain things like ammonia, as they may damage your windshield. Plus, it’s not healthy to be inhaling those fumes. Stick to vinegar-based cleaners or a glass cleaner instead.

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