3 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Posted onDecember 20th, 2018 byFrank

It’s a part of winter driving we know all too well: You walk outside in the morning only to find your car’s windshield covered in layers of ice and snow. Scraping off your windshield and waiting for the defroster to work its magic is frustrating no matter what, but our Chicago auto glass experts have a few tips to make the process easier.

Warm Up Your Car

As soon as you realize you’re going to have to put some time into clearing off your windshield, get your engine started. Don’t hit the defroster quite yet, but give your car’s heating system a few minutes to get going and begin warming the glass.

Clear Your Windshield

Make sure your windshield is completely clear, not just the parts you directly look out of while driving. Take the time to clear off your entire windshield, side mirrors, windows, and the rear. You never know what could be lurking in your blind spots, and you want to be extra careful while driving on slippery roads.

Blast the Defroster

Once your engine is heated up and your windshield is as clear as you can get it, crank the defroster up to high. You need to cover ninety percent of your windshield with warm air in poor winter weather, like extreme temperatures, freezing rain, or snow, for the defroster to work properly.

With clear auto glass and a properly working defroster, you’re on your way to a safe winter driving experience. For more information or other helpful Chicago auto glass tips, contact Frank’s Auto Glass today!