Causes of Car Power Window and Door Lock Malfunctions

Posted onMarch 28th, 2019 byFrank

The addition of automatic power components was a huge step forward in the evolution of vehicles. No longer did a driver or passenger have to crank a handle to open or close a window, or manually lock their doors. While these components can be taken for granted these days, they become a large inconvenience with they break down. Below are a few common reasons for malfunctions of each of these technologies. Should find yourself in need of servicing, be sure to know where to go for auto window repair in Chicago.

Power Windows

Window malfunctions often are caused by a faulty window regulator or track, or a broken motor, cable pulley, or window switch. All of these can cause the power window to break down – either intermittently or permanently. Snow and ice can be a culprit for issues, as windows are not usually made to break through the additional pressure that winter elements add when frozen on. Overheated motors can also cause the power window to fail. The best advice for any problem, permanent or fleeting, is to visit the closest auto shop for auto window repair in Chicago immediately.

Car Door Power Locks

Power door locks can break down over time because of a worn out actuator. The actuator is made up of a motor, gears, and a cable that extends or retracts to lock or unlock your car doors. An actuator can fail for numerous reasons, but commonly due to the motor not receiving an electrical current or because of worn mechanical linkage. “Each of these conditions have their own particular causes and, as you might imagine, the causes range from simple to complex,” says David Shearer, owner of Soundwerk Car Audio Systems in Fort Worth, Texas. A good rule of thumb is that the more you use a feature, the quicker it wears out.

If your car is experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, head to your closest auto window repair shop in Chicago. Frank’s Auto Glass has been serving the Chicago area for over 50 years, we handle both new and old systems and can typically fix these problems same-day. Give us a call today to quickly get your car back to normal!