Your AC and Your Windshield

Posted onMay 9th, 2019 byFrank

Summer is close and while some of us love driving with the windows down, others love blasting their car’s AC. Do you need a new auto glass in Chicago? Have you ever noticed that you feel cool and comfortable with the AC blowing in your car, but there is a thin film of condensation on your windshield? There’s an answer for this!



Most of the time the condensation will be on the outside of the windshield. If it is pretty cold in your car, the moisture will develop on the windshield due to condensation. It’s the same reason a puddle of water can collect under your car if you choose to use your AC on a humid day.


More Information

It’s important to think of air conditioning more of emitting dry air instead of just cold air. Even in summer, we get days that are chilly and sometimes even rainy. Visibility is important on a cold or rainy day. Ignore the urge to use the heat. It’s more beneficial to turn on the air conditioner. If you need to de-fog your windshield from the condensation, you can blow the hot and dry air toward it. This way, using a rag to de-fog your windshield is no longer necessary and you can keep both hands on the steering wheel.


If you think something is off with your air conditioner in your car that is affecting your windshield, stop by Frank’s Auto Glass. You may need new auto glass in Chicago and we are here to service you. Stop by or call us today with any questions.