Repairing Windshield Chips

Posted onSeptember 6th, 2019 byFrank

When your windshield cracks, it could compromise your ability to drive safely. Small chips may be easy to ignore, but it’s important to have your windshield repaired in Chicago because if you don’t, it could eventually cause some big safety and financial issues down the road.


Windshield Chips Lead To Cracks

If you have a chip on your windshield, the increased pressure on the glass can turn the chip into a crack at any time. Once you have a cracked windshield, it may not be repairable and replacing your entire windshield costs a lot more than just repairing a chip. 


Chips And Cracks Obstruct Your View

When you decide to drive with a chipped or cracked windshield, you’re more susceptible to an accident as your view is obstructed. This leads to a safety issue because your windshield contributes to the structural strength of your vehicle. Ultimately, a windshield chip degrades your vehicle’s structural integrity.


Repairs Are Fast And Inexpensive

When you come to get your windshield repaired in Chicago at Frank’s Auto Glass, it can take as little as 10-15 minutes. Our experienced and professional technicians can help you repair these problems before you require a full windshield replacement, as long as you contact us immediately after the damage occurs. 


Your windshield is an important part of your vehicle, so make sure you are taking care of it. If yours is chipped and you need a windshield repair in Chicago, contact us today and we will make sure to get the job done in an efficient and cost-effective manner.